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Friday, July 28, 2006

Ali La Pointe/ Zena's words on the New York streets/ NYC Protest info

My friend Zena's words chalked on a wall in NYC by Lauren Macdonald.

I was teaching students at a workshop yesterday. In the evening I showed them Battle of Algiers. Remember Ali la Pointe's head butt at the begining of the film? When the french racist tripped him?
ah it seems so so far away now

Zidane Zidane Zidane.
Zizou and that magnificant, elegant, animalistic, brilliant, poem of a headbutt.
what a strange prelude to this madness.
(oh by sheer coincidence an Irish friend sent me an email about a "belfast kiss" yesterday. love the irish!)
More on the workshop in a bit.

i have been feeling like i have my own war room going on. a headquarters of sorts with phone and email and sms etc. Recently i have started receiving messages in my inbox which start by saying "Dear Sirs" and then I am asked to find loved ones in Lebanon,...can you help me find so and so or so and so. Last I heard from the American consulate was such and such.....Here is the most recent from one hour ago:

"Sirs; can you give me any advice on where to get info about US citizens (Lebanese born) in ad D'way near Nabitayah. The US embassy is dealing with no. Lebanon only. I don'have my friend's passport no. or birthdate, but I have managed to get a registration through to the embassy. The State Dept is giving the same "guidance to So. Lebanese US citizens as it has for a week: register with embassy;listen to radio."

My inbox is also filled to the brim with endless petitions and "letters of condemnation" and in the midst of it all anjali k writes to me and says:
"-- i was struck a few days ago by something alex cockburn said on counterpunch about the left holed up in dark rooms on their computers --- mistaking a medium for a movement. it's hard ---"

Zena word's .......
Harrell Fletcher is the Artistic Director for a three-week, intensive program summer program, focusing on expanded ideas of art-making and creativity in relation to collaboration, community involvement, and activism. He invited me to teach there so yesterday I went. I gave a lecture in the morning and then in the afternoon I was asked to give the students an assignment that they could do in 2 hours. I decided to print emails from my inbox from the last two weeks. I also printed out the information about the Americans speed rushing bombs to Israel and spoke about the absurdity of the question Americans ask about wether to get involved or not when they are 100% involved! I gave each student a different email, and a copy of the article and told them to go out into the streets and do something in the public sphere based on their interaction, (or reaction) or whatever with the emails....

i wanted to share a few of the projects with you of the students who got Zena's emails.

Jennifer Delos Reyes was struck by Zena's description of her dog. Jennifer also had noticed how people in the Chelsea district all have dogs and LOVE their dogs so she subverted "lost dog" posters. She made a bunch of posters and underneath the dog she put Zena's description of her dog and how dogs can't be evacuated -- on another poster was the description Zena gave us about her friend's dog. I think I loved this so much because it reminded me of what we used to say in Palestine whenever we were attacked by Israel: "I wish we were animals, then at least the animal rights activists would do something to help us!" The contact number on Jennifer's lost dog posters was to a site that is taking donations to help Lebanese civilians that Zena wrote about in her email.

Lauren Macdonald took excerpts from Zena's email and wrote them all over Chelsea, for example, "Last night was probably the most frightful night of my entire life - Zena", and then she wrote the blogspot address.

Another girl re-wrote Zena's email over and over and over on white lined paper and then folded each one up and "accidentely" dropped them on the street. She did change the words on the first page, every time Zena said Beirut she changed it to "you" so that it would sound even more like a love letter. But aon the second page it said beirut and had the blogspot address. Capitalizing on peoples curiosity and nosiness on finding such a private letter in public on the street she subverted love letters to suck people in.

Elena walked around reading her email out loud in a pitch reminiscent of hysteria but with control, intensity and force. I actually cant describe how strong and powerful it was. How completely focused she was. Even while an African American fellow was yelling about how he hoped more bombs would drop, and that he loved christian zionists etc she just kept it up....She was unrelenting.

But the scariest of all. Oh god my stomach hurts when I think of it. One of the students was
sitting outside, and he was focusing on the information about the Americans speed ordering bombs....he saw a postal worker and asked him if it was possible to mail a bomb! Struck by the idea that the USA could mail bombs to people, he thought why can't he. He then went around the neighborhood interviewing other postal workers about this possiblity!!! And at the peak of this he actually went INTO the post office ( now with another student who had a camera hidden in his bag to record everything) to ask them directly!!!!! And might I mention that neither one of them is American - one from Puerto Rico and the other from Albania. How the hell he didn't get arrested is beyond me. This could have gone down so so SO BADLY! I can just see them getting arrested, and saying that their Palestinian teacher gave them these emails from Beirut and Gaza and and and....oh god! We would have all been locked up. And folks it is serious. Had I known he was going to do that I would have stopped him!
And as you know the FBI is stepping up "visits" to my people.....well of course we Palestinians are used to this, we been recorded, taped, watched, "visited" since 72....only after 911 a whole bunch of other folk ended up joining our plight....other Arabs, South Asians,...welcome to our world babes...

Lastly, there is a protest today in NYC and tomorrow in NYC so if you are here PLEASE COME!

Stop the war Stop the Killing
When: Friday 28 July, 3:30 to 6:30,
Where: Israeli Mission at the UN, 2nd Ave , between 42nd and 43rd Sts.
What: Join us in Saying NO to ISRAELI WAR of aggression against Civilians and Infrastructure in PALESTINE & LEBANON. We MUST continue the pressure.
Sponsored by: Arab Muslim American Federation, National Council Of Arab Americans, International Action Center, Troops Out Now Coalition , Alawda New York , Al-Khuli Islamic Center, ICNA N.Y, MAS New York.

March Across the Brooklyn Bridge
When: Saturday, July 29,
- Stop U.S.-Sponsored Israeli Terror
- End the occupation of Palestine
- Stop the invasion of Lebanon
- Stop U.S. Aid To Israel
- Free Arab Political Prisoners in Israel

Saturday, July 29
2 PM
Gather at Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn

Called by the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East which was formed in response to Israel's attacks on the people of Palestine and Lebanon. We organized a petition, signed by more than 1000 organizations and individuals, that we delivered to the office of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. We have also organized several actions against Israel's brutal assaults, including, most recently, a demonstration of 1,500 people infront of the Israeli mission to the UN. Come help us organize!
For more information e-mail:
Called by the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East.


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