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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Me, my sister, and Suheir Hammad's words

break (for love)

heavy breathing drum machines

west banked sisters hold each curly heads ducked ducked loose
bullets tight soldiers loz eyed oranges in blood explosion of hair

the weary shoulder sacred
the pulsing wrist sacred
the clasped hand temple
the smoking chest temple
sister holy fly sister holy

terra material prima wa an lapis azure flame wa scarlet star ana mud
wa huddled into shelters wa centers off balance bastana vision wa

zooted wa cased
air yo dynamic
w’ana mashi layale sawah
drum skin stretched far

rayah when my sapphire dusted dream static supreme

crashed bombs everyone around me
sash green wa gold coins surround me
flash dear god flood within me

tremor moon seas moan treble please sing trouble keys



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