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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Play Israel

Don't Play Israel joins other groups in celebrating the list of artists to recently cancel appearances/engagements in Israel. We believe the cultural boycott is gaining in effect.

Recent cancellations include:
Jean-Luc Godard
Chris Cornell
Siouxie Sioux
Snoop Dogg

We believe that the hard work of activists and calls issued by organizations such as PACBI have been effective in increasing consciousness of the boycott -- many other artists are refusing to play Israel, but are doing so quietly. The next challenge is to encourage these artists to publicly engage with the boycott.

And much remains to be done. Artists to have recently announced upcoming concerts include:
Laurie Anderson
Mercedes Sosa

Details on how to contact these artists appear on the Don't Play Israel blog:

Pass on the word... the cultural boycott is spreading.



At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anne Young Fritsche said...

Just a quick hello via your comment section since I don't see a way to contact you privately.

Suffice to say, I'm thrilled to see you're doing well. I flipped the f--- out a few years ago while reading the New Yorker and randomly ran across your name in the calendar listings.

Can you believe Dave and I got MARRIED?!?!??!?! Me either. It still feels like an ecstatic dream.


P.S. You can reach me at younggreenanne AT gmail DOT com, or via Facebook.

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cultural boycott?! Pfff. The sheer "cut off the nose to spite the face" shortsightedness of this approach reminds me of one Arab pundit's suggestion that Palestinians refuse to attend and teach in Israeli universities.
As for the political sentiments of the artists in question, most of the named performers do not go to Israel because it's hard to get them insured, since Israel is perceived as a dangerous place to be, given its history of suicide bombings and rocket shelling.
If you think these artists are compelled by their conscience to "boycott" Israel, invite them to perform in Gaza or the West Bank and watch how many actually show up. It's more likely that most of the artists who canceled plans to perform in Israel were concerned about potential "resistance" actions against Israeli civilians by some of the same Palestinians the artists are purportedly showing solidarity for.

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