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Sunday, December 09, 2007


ramallah is cold, cold, cold...
so staying warm and reading is what i am up to
had to post this. its hilarious and so true!
this is just brilliant! thanks apsara.

for full article go to:

"One now recalls those early days of sparse email traffic much as the cokehead recollects the first bumps of powder snorted sweetly up his nose. How quickly pleasure turned to compulsion and unhappiness! Nothing was left, in the end, but anxiety (who am I forgetting to reply to?) and guilt (I know who). And yet the compulsive emailer, addict of the insubstantial, is ultimately even worse off than the substance abuser: no clinic for him to check into. Western civilization has become a giant inbox; it will swell and groan but never be empty till it crashes."


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