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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

7 Palestinians Killed by Palestinians

28 injured.

I have been too depressed to write anything or post since this descent into madness began.
But today I want to mark.
Record that 7 Palestinians were killed by their own people.
The highest number of dead in a day since this started.

I only have 5 of their names. I will work on getting the names of the other two:

Ismail Abu Al Kheir
Mohammad Kassab
Mohammad Harazin
Shadi Mohammad Tahir
Omar Nadir

Here in Ramallah, things have been extremely tense. Everyone is trying to go about their day as normal: going to work, dropping off the kids at school, meetings, etc but the air is so tight....
Everyone is on feel it even as we all try to act normal. The laughter is too hard, the effort too forceful....and there is fear. Fear in our own streets from ourselves. No one knows anything anymore.

From my view it seems that everyone has a gun (and that nobody knows how to use them). Thank you America and Israel for pumping the weapons in here.

This thought leads me to maybe a positive note? If you took my neighborhood in NYC and completely sealed it off behind a massive apartheid wall and cut people off from their families and their jobs forever, and then forbade anyone from coming and going, and then stopped letting in food supplies, and then cut off the electricity for weeks on end, and then only allowed weapons to make its way into the ghetto..... MAN there would be hundreds dead. No way in hell could that neighborhood handle all these we are actually doing pretty good compared to how people in places like Berlin, New York, London would act in such horrific conditions.

Meanwhile, everywhere I turn I see friends of mine working on getting out of here. Khalas enough is enough.....there is no future they say. Who wants to live in a ghetto behind concrete with 18 year old armed Russians with M-16's threatening you and your children? With no room to move or grow.

Well...I stocked up on food and water just in case but hopefully the worst is over and this won't continue when I wake up tomorrow.


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Maha said...

Amoula! Are you still in Ramallah? How are things there now? Are you alright? I guess this is not the time to plan a visit to Ramallah, is it?! Maha Maamoun

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Eva Jlassi said...

I will be checking your postings regularly. please believe that there are people who understand you. I am polish and Poland was occupied for almost 200 years. And look at our country now. Please don't let them destroy your pride and your love of your country

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Richard Landes said...

I sympathize with your plight, but I do think you might spend just a bit more time on how your own people have created this situation, rather than (once again) blaming Israel and the US for your anarchic hatreds run wild. The Palestinian people are primarily a victim of an Arab elite who have used you as sacrificial pawns in a game of honor where only wiping out Israel can wash away the shame of its existence. Only when you acknowledge that and stop scapegoating third parties, will you begin to be able to do something about the real source of your suffering.
I welcome your comments -- even negative -- at my essay: Palestinian Suffering: Who's Responsible?.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger lycos said...

We met briefly in October 2007 at a loud lounge in Williamsburg where you were celebrating with friends (you wore a black dress with boots and showed off your lion, there were clowns in the place, and it rained in spurts). Did you ever respond to Richard Landes? If so, what did you tell him?

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